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About Go Live Design Co.

Work smart not hard. Many of great books have offered up such advice.

But what if you work hard and smart? The possibilities are endless.

Our competative edge is real simple. We offer real world solutions and not great looking websites. A great looking website is only part of the solution and it's the smallest part. Actualy our experience shows that the "Great Looking Websites" are usualy the least profitable.

A website needs to be functional. Needs to target a specific audience. Needs to captivate that audience. Needs to not upset the audience. Needs to have a call to action and most importantly needs to "close the deal". Wether that deal is in the form of a qualified sales lead, direct revenue, or providing information for future purchase a deal must be closed.

Unfortunatly 99% of the web developers building todays websites are less than qualified to close the deal. Many simply know how to build a great looking website, yes. But could they make a great sales presentaion? Do they even understand your business? Yet Corporate America is counting on them to deliver solutions that can greatly inpact a company's competative edge. That is just plain bad business.

This is what makes us different from any other Web Design Company on the market. We concentrate on "Closing The Deal". We are a marketing company that turns these "great looking" busts into web superstars. And we are the best at exploiting ways to do it.

We have seen far too many great looking websites that generate little to zero revenue. These websites lead to Executives scratching their heads and either pouring more money into a bad situation or giving up entirely.

That is where we come into play. We are looking for "Broken Implementation" not "Broken Companies".

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If you are looking for a cheap solution, we are not interested. Me and my partner have been coding websites since Internet Explorer's Debut. We offer Solid advice and make our partners a great deal of money. We are only interested in working with Small & Medium sized companies with a future. We cannot take a dog of a business and create miracles. Initial consultation fee is $2500 for 5 hours / $200 each additional hour plus travel expense. We will analyize your situation and create a solution that works. ~ John Fidi Owner

Our dedication to provide premium web based business solutions, with old fashioned customer service is what helps us deliver above and beyond expectation. We are not the typical web design house that stops working for you after the initial design of your website. We care about the success of your online brand and make it our #1 goal.

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Our Commitment to Quality
Using our knowledge, experience and resolve in offering world class services.
Understanding the goals and objectives of our clients then providing the services to help achieve those goals.
Valuing our clients business because without it, we have none.

At Go Live, you can "Expect the Best"

"I just thought you'd might like to pat yourself on the back. You did a great job and should be real proud of your work. It's finally a pleasure to work with someone who is responsive and actually has talent."
Lynda Houghtaling
Stanley Works
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