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Connecticut businesses have turned to Go Live Design for insight and our experience with the ever changing technology of the internet.

Our development team is comprised of a marketing expert, graphically skilled designer, and two Award Winning HTML authors that collectively offer many web based solutions.

Our History
It was 6 Years years ago, fresh out of college with a big idea, and a whole lot of Fannie Mae "debt". It was at Frank Pepe's Pizzeria in New Haven, over a pepperoni pie and two Heinekens that Go Live was born.

Our business model was simple - To morph the technical skill of Thomas Edison, the dedication and motivation of Tony Robbins, the marketing know-how of David Ogilvy, and the Old Fashioned Friendliness that our Parents Taught Us. Take those qualities and package them to New England Businesses in the form of Cutting Edge Web Solutions.

Back then things were hectic, the Internet was changing and exploding into a new opportunity for many businesses small and large.

We marketed development of our small Bulletin Board Services to many Business leaders with little success. After all, most people didn't even have a Modem at that time. Things have changed, alot.

In the year 2006 we decided to relocate our business to sunny Tampa, Florida. We have been operating in the warm climate since January and belive this move to be the best business decision we have every made.

"I just thought you'd might like to pat yourself on the back. You did a great job and should be real proud of your work. It's finally a pleasure to work with someone who is responsive and actually has talent."
Lynda Houghtaling
Stanley Works
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